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Trauma experienced by youth is a pervasive public health concern. Recent data shows that 61 percent of young people between the ages of 13 and 17 have been exposed to at least one traumatic event in their lives; many have experienced multiple. Neglect and abandonment, as well as physical and sexual abuse, can disrupt children and teenagers’ development; lead to depression, substance use, anxiety, eating disorders, and self-harm; and impede their ability to develop strong relationships with a caregiver. These mental health challenges are more prevalent for those in the child welfare system who have experienced multiple traumatic events over time that are severe, pervasive, and involve family members. Last year, there were nearly 8,000 and 9,000 Child Protective Services reports of abuse and neglect in Nassau and Suffolk Counties, respectively. LICF is committed to improving the effectiveness, responsiveness, and accessibility of mental health services for youth (up to age 26) on Long Island through our grantmaking.

We fund projects that:

  • Address the mental health needs of youth through culturally competent behavioral health services.
  • Support mental health programs that strengthen an individual’s capacity to regulate emotions, advance alternatives to risk-taking behaviors, increase ability to manage difficult situations and adversity, and promote supportive social environments.
  • Address addictive behaviors through prevention and treatment.

Here is a sample of what we’re able to accomplish when we combine your generosity with that of others.

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