Donor-Advised Fund | New York Community Trust | New York, NY

Guidelines for Donor-Advised Funds

To safeguard the deductibility of your gift — and our charitable status — please read our guidelines for donor advisors:

  • We cannot approve a grant that’s made to benefit a specific person.
  • No grants that provide more than “incidental benefit”: We can’t make a grant that will result in a tangible benefit to you, a member of your family, or a “disqualified person.” This includes raffle tickets and charitable auction purchases; tickets to events and dinners; and memberships that provide benefits or services. You can, of course, make a grant from your fund in lieu of tickets.
  • We make grants solely to public charities that are exempt under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. (Although we don’t make grants to foreign organizations, we do make grants to American nonprofits that support charitable activities abroad, including “Friends of…” nonprofits.)
  • No fundraising events: Some donors create memorial or wedding funds to which friends contribute. We are happy to accept these contributions, though we can’t allow fundraising events that use our name or the fund’s name.
  • We expect funds to be maintained for at least five years and at a minimum of $5,000. Advisors must suggest grants regularly.

First step: Online Form

This form allows you to start the process. Your fund won’t be opened until we receive your form, countersign it, and return it to you. We will include instructions for contributing stock or cash.