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Project: Long Island GPS for Success


Leveraging the model/brand, develop and maintain an online regional hub reflective of Long Island which:

• Enables emerging and existing jobseekers to identify careers matching their skills and interests

• Connects jobseekers to educational/training programs and support that will enable them to advance in their chosen careers over time

• Provides relevant and current information connecting educational institutions, job seekers, and industry

Acquire a neutral, nonpartisan steward that will maintain the vision and mission of Long Island GPS, coordinating the elements of this hub with the advisory committee and expanding the capacity of the project in the future. The steward will take on the brand licensing as well as be the recipient and manager of all sponsorships associated with Long Island GPS, for use toward the project goals.


Workforce development stakeholders share the common goal of putting local people in jobs and careers for greater economic advancement. However, moving all of these stakeholders in the same direction is challenged by the different lenses with which each views the process. A jobseeker looks to align their skills and interests with work. An employer seeks an employee to fill their work requirements. Educational Institutions develop curriculum by area of study (vs. skill for employment). Workforce support from career centers to government agencies have been restricted by time and resources to meet the needs of a variety of jobseekers and employers.

Creating a direct connection between business and industry needs and existing education and training programs has been a persistently difficult and complex challenge. It is clear that we need a comprehensive career pathways system that starts career development in P-12 education, supports entry-level employment opportunities with high school and technical skills training, provides on-the-job training or technical skills attainment as a vehicle toward middle skill/middle wage opportunities, as well as opportunities for students to pursue professional-level skills and wages. At greatest risk are our least privileged populations: minorities, those living in poverty, non-native speakers, and the disabled. Our goal is to create a resource that provides practical, regional, career pathway information accessible to all Long Island residents, from our hardest to serve to our most able.

This is the challenge for Long Island: to create direct connections among workforce development stakeholders that can transcend physical barriers of the Island and shift with the ever-evolving job market.


This project was initiated in January 2016 by the efforts of Eastern Suffolk BOCES and the Long Island Workforce and Education Consortium (LIWEC), with seed funding from the Long Island Community Foundation. The goals of this project center around the coordination of relevant workforce development information that could better inform choices being made by Long Island stakeholders. The original project called for the development of a pathways blueprint or roadmap to connect school-age children as well as adults to future careers, entry level employment, ongoing training options, and advancement in their chosen field. This approach was meant to support all learners at all levels and create drop in points along the workforce continuum. The resources identified, and templates created were planned to be available for public use. This original objective was revised when an opportunity arose to partner with a project that overlapped significantly with our own. WPBS in the north central region of New York State created the My GPS for Success website. Their site, which is in the process of being completed, offers relevant and regional career pathways information. We immediately saw the opportunity for collaboration as a way to eliminate redundancy and increase the breadth and reach of our original goals. In January 2017, a legal partnership in the form of a one-year licensing agreement was finalized.


The website is meant to be a tool utilized by all Long Island workforce development stakeholders. It will be a directory of resources and guide for students, parents, and job seekers, providing career pathways information, regional cluster specific education/training providers, programs, and regional connections to career development and employers. It will be a communication engine for regional stakeholders, providing a forum for delivering up-to-date information and resources (from organizations, institutions, and employers), recruitment opportunities (for employers and education providers), a vehicle to provide and receive feedback, and an index of cluster specific connections. It will also be a catalog of teacher and career counselor resources providing cluster specific instructional tools, career exploration instruments, and professional development opportunities.

Stakeholders – Target Audience

• Students – to build awareness of all the potential career pathways aligned to individual skills and interests

• Jobseekers – (emerging and existing) to build awareness of local industry requirements, opportunities, and available education/training programs

• Teachers – to create understanding of how to connect curriculum with STEAM and other career clusters exploration

• Industry – to create a forum to provide clear and detailed requirements for career opportunities, connect with those preparing for the workforce, and collaborate with education/training providers

• Educational institutions – to build awareness of industry needs and understanding of how to align programming accordingly

• Career Counselors/Support Service Agencies – to create understanding of how to connect clients to regional employment, through relevant educational/training programs and related opportunities

Accomplishments to date

  • 2016 LICF grant funding

- 13 months of consultant research and development of project

  • Developed relationship with WPBS (GPS for Success project

  • 2017 Workforce Development Institute grant funding

- $16,000 to update videos for Long Island

- $4,000 for website hosting and maintenance

- $5,000 for name licensure

  • 2017 Perkins funding 

- Bridges LICF grant funding to continue project development by consultant

  • Submission of 2017 LICF renewed funding

- 6 months of consultant development of project


  • Populating the existing website with Long Island content for each of the 16 career cluster pages relating to businesses, education/training institutions, and resources
  • Creating sponsorship system and identifying potential funders and sponsor
  • Developing relationships with Long Island workforce development stakeholders

Responsibilities of the new steward

  • Funding and Licensure

- Find and manage funding for the project

- Maintain annual licensing agreement with WPBS, including fees and legal documentation

- Implement and maintain sponsorship system of funding

o Develop relationships and recruit new sponsors

  • Website

- Secure 16 high quality, regional career cluster videos which are representative of regional industries and workforce needs

- Complete the Long Island content for each of the 16 career cluster pages relating to businesses, education/training institutions, and resources

-Maintain and update all regional, cluster specific information including links

- Expand the website content (potential ideas)

o Discussions boards
o Employer/Job seeker portal
o Internship portal

- Promotion and marketing

o Develop outreach strategies and activities to increase awareness
o Create a “look” to the website that is marketable to the region
o Advertise the website through various channels

  • Consortium – the project advisory board 
- Develop and maintain membership including representation from regional business and industry, higher education, P-12, economic development (councils), and support services

- Regularly schedule meetings depending on project needs (i.e., monthly)

- Utilize members to help provide project funding and solicit sponsorship


Eligible Candidates

  • Non-profit status in NYS
  • Organizations with a minimum of 5 years of experience:

- Interacting with Long Island economic and workforce development stakeholders

- A track record of successful strategic partnerships and community outreach

- The ability to perform functions of a full-service agency including branding, marketing, and public relations either in-house or through subcontractors


The proposal should describe the bidder’s approach to developing, maintaining and evolving the Long Island while sustaining connections to regional workforce development leadership

  • Cover Sheet to include: 
- RFP name: Long Island GPS for Success
- Name of organization
- Contact person (with phone number and email)
- Board members

  • Experience and Key Personnel (Maximum Score 20 points; maximum 1 page). Describe how your organization’s past projects and present staff could be assets to this project. It may also include one or more of the following:
- Examples of related projects
- SWOT Analysis
- Strategies and approaches

  • Written proposal (Maximum Score – 40 points; 3-6 pages). 
- Stewardship: describe how your organization plans to steward this project
- Connections to regional workforce development stakeholders: describe your organization’s past and present connections to workforce development stakeholders, and how new connections will be created, maintained, and expanded
- Funding: describe how your organization will find and manage funding for the project
- Timeline: describe what your organization intends to accomplish and when (note: the original GPS for Success project and website will be complete in under two years including 16 videos)

  • Sample budget (Maximum Score 15 points; maximum 2 pages)
  • Performance measures (Maximum Score 5 points; maximum 1 page). Describe indicators of success and measures which your organization will utilize to determine directions of change and/or potential expansion
  • Oral Presentation (Finalists - Maximum Score – 20 points) August 3 or 4, 2017

  • Please include ONE copy only of your most recent audited financials, if available.


  • All pages must be typed using a minimum 12-point font, single-spaced on 8 ½ x 11 white paper
  • Do not include superfluous pages (table of contents, title pages, etc.) or binders, folders, etc.
  • We are unable to distribute supplementary materials (photos, DVD’s, brochures, media, etc.)
  • Include original proposal and three copies


All proposals (original and three copies) must be received by Long Island Community Foundation by 12:00 noon on Monday, July 7, 2017, in order to be considered.

Any questions concerning the RFP should be emailed to Leah Arnold at before 12:00 noon on June 9, 2017.

Decisions and notifications will be made the week of August 7th. Proposals should be mailed or delivered to:

Long Island Community Foundation
c/o Sol Marie Alfonso-Jones
900 Walt Whitman Rd., Suite 205
Melville, NY 11747

To download a copy of this RFP in a PDF format, please click here.

RFP Applicant Q&A

1. Under “Eligible Candidates,” “Non-profit status in NYS” is required, does this mean that a unit of a local government, i.e. a public agency is not eligible?

We see the “non-profit status” as non-governmental and/or nonprofit. While we have not defined “non-profit” in the RFP, we will rate the applicants for neutrality and nonpartisanship through the lens of business sectors and politics.

2. May eligible entities subcontract a portion of the work to one or more other entities?

Yes, the work can be subcontracted.

3. How much funding is available?

WDI has tentatively committed $15,000 to the project to start. The Long Island Community Foundation would also like to continue to provide support, if appropriate. Any funds that are committed by funding agencies will require the steward to apply formally during their project application periods. Additionally, education, business and industry groups have shown interest in sponsorship, video production and other financial supports.

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